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trombone pop project extended english version

What does this video course contain?

  • 12 video lessons + 5 Extra lessons
  • 5 Exercises in all tonalities on major pentatonic scales
  • 3 Exercises in all tonalities on minor pentatonic scales
  • 4 Interval exercises on major and minor pentatonic scales in all tonalities
  • 3 Exercises on major, minor and dominant 7th arpeggios in all tonalities
  • 2 Exercises on the blues minor pentatonic scale
  • Introduction to modal scales
  • 4 Exercises on the Dorian mode
  • 2 exercises on the Mixolydian – Blues style and Medium Shuffle mode
  • exercise on the blues minor scale
  • 2 exercises on pentatonic progressions with shifted accents
  • Funky style exercise
  • exercise on Maj 7 arpeggio and use of 9th degree
  • 14 Backing tracks associated with the exercises in all keys
  • 11 written and downloadable parts for trombone
  • 11 written and downloadable parts for Bb trumpet
  • 16 downloadable backing tracks for all exercises
  • 20 downloadable written scores of all exercises for trombone
  • 20 downloadable written sheet music of all exercises for Bb trumpet
  • Lesson on how to easily identify the tonality of tunes
  • Video demos of exercises done by professional trombonists
  • Guide to improvisation through application of the course exercises
  • Reference links to the various styles
  • Downloadable chart of the circle of fifths
  • Charts on scale structure and intervals

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